Veterans Entertainment and Therapy Services

Changing the face of Veteran assistance



Helping in your own community is a great first start - talk to local VA representatives to find how you can help locally.

mission & vision

We want to help ease the burden on our veterans who struggle with PTSD or the monotony of rehabiliation or therapy.

Foundation Support

Our idea is to provide veterans with PTSD or those going through rehabilitation and therapy with alternative coping mechanisms other than those that most veterans fall prey to such as drugs, alcohol or errant behavior. Recent studies have shown that video games, virtual reality, music and other entertainment activities can lessen the effects of PTSD and  alleviate the tension of therapy or rehabilitation.  Unfortunately, many veterans cannot afford the cost of a gaming system, computer or even a good set of books to take their mind off of what they are going through.  This is where VETS wants to come in and help - by giving veterans the chance to get a way from the painful memories or the tedious repetition of therapy, we hope to lessen the trauma caused by these events.  If we can save one life, help a veteran make one good decision or just simply make a veterans life easier then we will have been successful.

recent programs

The Facebook Veteran community came together to help us fund this website and now we are moving forward to obtain our official 501C status.

VETS was initially founded by Rev. Steve Medley Jr., Eric Johnson and Crystal Medley. (Yes 2 of them are married, we will let you guess which ones) 

Steve and Eric are Army veterans with combat tours in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Since leaving the service both have worked in the Professional Sales and Management fields. Crystal has worked in both Customer Service and Management.

In 2013, Steve was diagnosed with PTSD and after a reunion with Eric in 2014, the pair decided that more could be done to help our veterans.  Vets was born with that in mind and new vision for veterans assistance was on the horizon.

2015 has brought changes to VETS as Steve is no longer able to work due to his PTSD condition. With that in mind, Crystal has stepped up to take a larger role with VETS and with your help, she and Eric can can help guide VETS into the future.

Eric Johnson (bottom left, first row)                 Rev.Steve Medley Jr. (far left next to the flag)

These photos are from Desert Storm and showcase members of the 3rd Platoon, ("Third Herd") A Co 5/5 Cavalry 3rd Armored Division.